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Choosing the Right Furniture for your office

Choosing the right furniture for your office

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it’s essential to have a comfortable set-up to help promote good health and productivity.

To find the best furniture for your space, start by considering the following factors:

Desk set-up

  • desk type: straight, corner or wall-mounted;
  • office chair: basic, swivel or synchro-tilt;


  • filing cabinets: with basic or multiple storage options;
  • cupboards: available in a range of sizes with various storage compartments;
  • bookcases and shelving: to choose according to the kinds of files or books you have to store.

Office type

  • limited space: smaller furniture, including a compact or foldaway desk;
  • shared offices and/or meeting rooms: specially designed furniture, multiple storage spaces, chairs and a conference table;
  • family-friendly offices: these personalised office spaces will incorporate a work and homework zone!


  • choose your designs and materials based on the environment you want to create (e.g. family-friendly or work-focused).

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