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How to Integrate Biophilic Design Elements into Your Workspace

Biophilic design elements focus on the aspects of nature that contribute to our physical and mental health. It also aims to address the artificial quality of office environments. Many businesses have accepted biophilic design in the workplace for its benefits.

Biophilic Design and Its Benefits

Biophilic design supports our innate need to interact with nature stems in this modern urban environment. The office building enhances human health and boosts cognitive function in a biophilic space. Its benefits include:

  • Optimizes acoustic comfort
  • Enhances air quality, thermal comfort, and ventilation
  • Produce attractive internal and external views of nature
  • Utilizes natural patterns, textures, and colors
  • Integrates building materials like perforated metal, stone, and wood
  • Improves artificial and natural lighting

How to Create a Harmonious Workspace

Even with limitations in the workplace, you can integrate biophilic design elements into your workspace.

Welcome Natural Light

Embrace all the natural light your work office comes with. If possible, pick a building with significant windows. Eliminate musty curtains, blinds, and other elements that might block the light path. Also, arrange the office furniture to work with the light.

Utilize Various Textures

Consider using various textures and shapes in the office. To introduce natural elements, you don’t have to work on the whole space again. For instance, your secretary’s desk can be wavy and built from numerous wood panels.

Create a Holistic Flow to the Greenery

Plenty of foliage is the heart of biophilic design. Integrate biophilic design elements into your workspace by adding planters. However, avoid isolated pots because they don’t contribute to the biophilic effect. Instead, use planters to frame line walls and pathways or produce little islands of plants that will release calmness as one move about that unique space.

Enhance Air Quality

Air quality is crucial for the health of customers and employees. To enhance air quality, utilize air filters, open up ventilation between the inside and outside, and ensure there are plenty of plants in your office setting.

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