Ergonomic Chair, Work From Home

Work from Home is leading to Increased Health Issues


Neck & Lumbar Pain:

Mainly caused due to sitting with laptops on a bed or the absence of a proper back support while
working. Sitting at the dining table or sofa causes slouching which eventually puts strain on the neck and
the lumbar section of the body, leading to neck and back pain.

Increased Headache:

The remote working routine is leading to professionals experiencing increased headaches due to
improper working posture and lack of a steady work routine.

Spike in Eye Strain:

Looking at the computer screen for long periods of time is causing redness and watering of eyes
excessively. This, in turn, leads to eye sight problems such as blurred or double vision.


Invest in an ergonomic Chair:

A good ergonomic chair will provide the back support that your lumbar needs in order
to stay health through long hours of sitting. Along with a lumbar support, a chair and its arms will also
come with height Adjustability to help maintain ergonomic posture while seated and working on a

Get a Height Adjustable Table:

A height adjustable work desk will allow you to stand and work whenever needed. By Switching
between sitting and standing work modes, you will ensure optimal mobility of your limbs which will
prevent any musculoskeletal disorders that may occur due to excessively static work posture.

Incorporate Home Workouts in your routine:

Every 30 minutes stand up and walk for a few minutes and make sure to do basic stretching
moves in between your work routine.

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