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Office Chair Comparison Guide

With a ton of office chairs and companies to choose from, would like to make our case as to why we stand out from the rest and have been around for almost twenty years. It really comes down to three main things; our product knowledge and selection (we only sell office chairs!), our commitment to quality, and superior customer service.

See for yourself on how we compare to other office chair retailers like Staples, Office Depot, Ikea and Amazon. We would love the opportunity to serve you.

Quality and variety since 2007. Our success over the years comes down to our core values to improve every workplace: customer-first, results-driven, integrity, and continuous improvement. We believe that if we focus on these specific areas, we will be successful, and so far it has worked for us for 17 years.

Check out our great selection of office chairs. We have a large selection to choose from including executive chairs, big and tall chairs, ergonomic chairs, waiting room and reception chairs and more that offer you everything from budget-friendly chairs to luxurious leather chairs that give you the c-suite look.

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